Spooky season 2023

Autumn has finally come to Zug and I plan to see a bunch of movies.

The temperatures in Zug are finally getting lower.

Autumn is the time when Switzerland turns from an idyllic Alpine paradise into a moody noir set piece for a slow and brooding detective story.

Especially with Halloween coming up the mood is definitely cinematic. I hope I can carve out some time in my busy schedule of crushing it and adding value to dive into this atmosphere and clear up my “To Read” and “To Watch” piles.

Lake Zug is moody

The focus this year will be on the…

Unknown, unsettling and unexplored

Earnest fascination with Weird Fiction has not hit me until the video game “Control,” which is great and the SCP-inspired world building is amazing. It manages to be unsettling, yet interesting enough to make you keep exploring. Not being a fan of horror, I still loved it, that it rewards you with discovering something new and unexpected when you push through. This combination of unknown, unsettling and unexplored is something I always look out for.

I saw something similar also in one of my favorite books — “Dance dance dance” by Haruki Murakami. It falls neither under a horror, nor a weird fiction label, but lends just enough mystery and surrealism to its world, that you dive right into its exploration of love, loneliness and existence. It is a part of a series of books (the so-called Rat series which I haven’t read).

So, all well and good, but what should I read or look at?

I love the glam pentagram
I love the glam pentagram

Zuger Filmtage

Another great thing about autumn are the Zug Film Days (Zuger Filmtage) which this year correspond with the 100 year anniversary of cinema in the canton, so we are getting to see a bunch of great classics, such as:

  • Frankenstein, 1931
  • Aliens, 1986
  • The Goodfellas, 1990
  • Psycho, 1960

I just love the tiny Zug cinemas which are essentially cocktail bars with movie halls. Do check them out if you are around.

But for now, I’ll be signing off.

Me remembering that tomorrow is monday
Me remembering that tomorrow is monday